Categorical Biplot

Biplot for Categorical Data that combines nominal and ordinal variables

To install the packages use the following commands inside R

install.packages(c("NominalLogisticBiplot", "OrdinalLogisticBiplot", "mirt", "stats4", "lattice", "gmodels" , "MASS" ))

install.packages("", repos = NULL, type="source")



datanomordPhD_mixedEM = PhD_categCyL[1:100,]

xEM = BiplotForCategoricalVariables(datanomordPhD_mixedEM,

          itemtype=c('nominal','nominal','nominal', 'nominal',



          'ordinal','ordinal','nominal','nominal'), dim = 2,

          nnodos = 10, tol = 0.0001, maxiter = 500,

          penalization = 0.3,initial=1,showResults=TRUE)

plot(xEM, sepVarDifWindow=FALSE)

Or download the file into your computer and install it from inside R 

Enjoy it!!!

José Luis Vicente Villardón - Departamento de Estadística - Universidad de Salamanca. (