Choose the version for your Operating System. For each platform there are two alternative installers. The web installer downloads the MATLAB Libraries (necessary for the program to run) from the web while the mcr installer already contains the libraries. Choose one of the versions and follow the instructions. If one of the versions does not work, try the other. If none works, let me know.

The name of the installers has the system (Windows64, Mac), the version (year.MonthDay) and the type of installer (_mcr contains the program and the libraries, _web contains the program and downloads the libraries from Internet and _prog contains only the program).

The program has been updated. If you already had the previous version you only have to download the program file. Last version compiled: 15-Dec-2016


Matlab users can now download the application for the application galery inside Matlab. Skip this message if you do not have Matlab installed in your computer. (MultBiplot.mlappinstall  For Matlab) ).

We have updated to a new version of Matlab (MATLAB 2016b), so you will have to install the libraries again if your previous version was installed before. 

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