Here you will find news about the development of the program and new compilations. Please report any bug and I'll correct it as soon as possible.

Some bugs in the Logistic Biplot have been corrected.

Some bugs in the Logistic Biplot have been corrected. (projections on the variable directions were not working)

New Version for Matlab Users

Matlab users can now download the application for the application galery inside Matlab. Skip this message if you do not have Matlab installed in your computer 

New compilation

New version using the latest Matlab Release (2014b).

There were some bugs associated with the former version that have been corrected in this one. 

New compilation

There has been some problems downloading the Matlab Libraries with the web installer. We hope the problems are solved with the new compilation of the program.

Now there are two versions of the installer, one downloads the Matlab Libraries from the MathWorks site and the other already contains the libraries.

MultBiplot for R (PCABiplot Updated)

The subproject of MultBiplot for R that constructs a Classical Biplot has been updated to include the possibility of representing Clusters. 

In the next days Principal Coordinates Analysis with External Logistic Biplots will be released.

New Version 07-04-2014

Some capabilities for data management have been corrected.

Some bugs preventing the correct resizing of the logistic biplot window have been solved

External Logistic Biplots have been added to the Logistic Biplot Menu.

New Version 26-03-2013

Some capabilities for data management have been added.

IRT models connecting with the MIRT package in R are now available.

Biplot for Factor Analysis has been added.

Compilación 7-2-2011

New compilation. Minor bugs corrected.

New Documentation has been added

New videos (in Spanish) illustrating how to use the programs, and new links to articles about biplot, has been added.

New Compilation: Windows 7 (64 bits)

Minor bugs have been corrected.

New compilation Windows 7 (32 bits)

Compilation of the program in Windows 7.
Some users have reported problems for the program to run in Windows Vista and Windows 7, the program has been compiled using the last version of Matlab in Windows 7. We expect the problems to be solved. If you still experience some problems running the program you may need to install 
"Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package' that can be downloaded here.

Nueva actualización

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all the biplot users

Many new features and correction of some bugs

New Matlab library has to be downloaded to run this version.

Many changes all over the rpogram have been added.

Some bugs have been corrected.

Meta_biplot revised

Meta-Biplots have ben included. 

Use a nominal variable to define the groups.

Some bugs corrected

Some bug that caused the contributions not calculated properly, has been corrected.

The selection of individuals and variables in the biplot graph has been fixed (I hope)

New compliled version with Logistic biplots and new features added to the classical biplot graph

Logistic Biplots are now fully functional.

Correspondence Analysis has been corrected

Correspondence Analysis is now functional with less features than classical Biplot.

Some data files added

Some data files that can be used as examles have been added. The data files are in SPSS, EXCEL and Matlab (MULTBIPLOT) format.

New Compiled version

New menus have been added to the biplot window.

Some bugs have been corrected.

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