MULTBIPLOT is a program to perform Biplot Analysis. It contains Classical Biplot, HJ-Biplot, Simple and Multiple Correspondence Analysis for a Contingency Table, Canonical/MANOVA Biplot, Logistic Biplots for Binary Data, Common Biplot for Several groups, among many other biplot techniques.

The program tries to implement, in a software tool, the experience of the Applied Statistics Group of the Statistics Department at the Salamanca University (Spain) in working with Biplots.

Most of the software available for the construction of Biplots has been developed for very particular applications or as a small part inside general purpose packages. Usually the graphical representations of most packages are not very flexible, producing static pictures that limit the visual interpretation of the results.

MULTBIPLOT is conceived not to be “another biplot program”, but conceived to fill the gap between the static pictures and a more dynamic visual interpretation. The package provides the analyst with an interactive approach that uses colour, selection of important features, partial views of the picture and other graphical tools, to interpret biplots. The package also provides some original points of view of the classical techniques based on some original scientific work of the author.

VICENTE VILLARDÓN, J.L. (2015). MULTBIPLOT: A package for Multivariate Analysis using Biplots. Departamento de Estadística. Universidad de Salamanca. (

José Luis Vicente Villardón - Departamento de Estadística - Universidad de Salamanca. (