Choose the version for your Operating System. For each platform there are three alternative installers. The installer (mcr) contains the MATLAB Libraries (necessary for the program to run), the second (web) download the libraries and the third  contains only the program (only useful if you int. Choose one of the versions and follow the instructions. 

The name of the installers has the operating system (Win64, Mac). The software have been not checked in Windows 11.

Last version compiled: 31-01-2023. (The libraries are for MatLab 2022b).


Matlab users can now download the application MultBiplot.mlappinstall and run it inside Matlab. Skip this message if you do not have Matlab installed in your computer.

If you are a student of the Unversity of Salamanca you can install matlab using your university mail. (


José Luis Vicente Villardón - Departamento de Estadística - Universidad de Salamanca. (